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Specialised Textile Consultancy
Bed linen, bath linen, table linen, etc.

In Vanvino we produce the textile you need in an easy and risk free way

  • We help you to identify the characteristics of the bed, bath or table linen you need for your business: textile quality, measurements, colour, type of manufacture, etc.

  • We take care of the complete design of the garment if necessary, or we carry out the production based on the design of the brand or business and the technical specifications.

  • Our work supports the purchasing area or the owner of a brand, a hotel, a health centre, etc., identifying the most suitable production market for their needs according to the type of garment, the volume of the order or delivery times and, therefore, selecting a manufacturer that meets the standards that avoid any financial/commercial risk.

  • We carry out the complete management of the shipment from the point of manufacture to your warehouses, ensuring that the order arrives on time and on budget.

  • The entire management, manufacturing and shipping process is transparent and documented to ensure the reliability of the operation and the quality of production.

Depending on the volume of the order, we carry out a quality control on site to verify the correct execution of the production and to ensure the shipment of the goods to the point of delivery, wherever our customer has decided.

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What are our criteria for selecting suppliers and manufacturers?

At Vanvino, we establish strict criteria for selecting manufacturers in order to work only with the most suitable ones for our clients and to ensure their production. We base our selection on price, quality, service, innovation, social and environmental responsibility, strategic compatibility and, of course, avoiding commercial risk.

  • We identify in advance the potential risks that may affect the company on the part of manufacturers, such as failure to meet deadlines, delivery of defective products, non-compliance with regulations, breach of safety or unfair competition.

  • We have adequate and up-to-date economic-financial information on manufacturers, such as their financial, legal, tax, technical and commercial data. This allows us to assess their solvency, capacity, reliability and compliance. We perform due diligence on the manufacturer, which consists of verifying their information, reviewing their contracts, auditing their performance and monitoring their compliance.

  • We incorporate appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate commercial/credit risk, such as negotiating favourable terms, establishing guarantees or collateral, using credit and liability insurance, diversifying the supplier portfolio or creating contingency plans.

Our commercial risk assessment tools:

  • The analysis of the manufacturer's economic-financial report, which consists of reviewing its financial statements, its liquidity, solvency, profitability and debt ratios, its cash flow and its capacity to generate income.

  • Analysis of the manufacturer's credit risk, which consists of estimating the probability that the supplier will default on its payment obligations, based on its credit history, credit rating, trade references and payment behaviour.

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