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How to wash hotel towels?

Main care for hotel towels

Towel care: tips for maintaining the whiteness and durability of towels in hotel establishments


Discover how to properly wash and care for towels in your hotel establishment to maintain their whiteness and prolong their useful life.

In the hospitality industry, proper towel care is essential to maintaining guest satisfaction and preserving the quality image of your establishment. Here are some valuable tips on how to wash and care for your towels to ensure they last and maintain their pristine whiteness. 

How to wash towels:


  • Separate white towels from coloured towels to avoid colour transfer during washing.

  • Wash towels in warm or hot water to effectively remove dirt and bacteria.

  • Use a regular or heavy wash cycle to ensure towels are thoroughly cleaned.

  • Avoid using strong bleaches as they can weaken the fibres and reduce the life of the towels.

  • Use mild detergents and avoid the use of fabric softeners as they can decrease the absorbency of towels.

Care to maintain their whiteness:

  • If towels show stubborn stains, use specific products or consult a laundry professional.

  • Consider using mild bleaches or non-chlorine bleaches to maintain the towels' original whiteness.

  • Avoid contact of towels with personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide or similar bleaching agents as they may cause discolouration.

Types of towels available on the market:

Cotton: Cotton towels are soft, absorbent and durable. It is recommended to choose high quality cotton towels, such as Egyptian cotton or supima, for extra softness and strength.

Microfibre: Microfibre towels are lightweight, quick-drying and highly absorbent. They are ideal for travel and gym use.

Bamboo: Bamboo towels are known for their softness and natural antibacterial properties. They are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.

Cotton/polyester blend: These towels combine the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester. They are ideal for intensive use in hotel environments.

Keeping your hotel's towels in optimal condition is essential to provide your guests with a pleasant and quality experience. Be sure to follow the washing and care tips above to ensure the durability and whiteness of your towels over time.

Also, when choosing the right towels for your business, consider the different types of fabrics available on the market. Cotton, microfibre, bamboo and cotton/polyester blend towels offer unique characteristics to suit various needs and preferences.

At vanvino you will find a wide selection of high quality options, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. We offer you soft, absorbent and durable towels with different weave options to suit your requirements.

Don't cut corners on the quality of your towels, as they are a key element in the satisfaction of your guests. Opting for quality towels will guarantee their comfort and make their experience in your establishment unforgettable.


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