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How to optimise your business textile budget

Don't forget to get advice on the purchase of sheets, towels and table linen for your brand of home, hotel or business

To optimise the textile budget of your business, we recommend you follow these tips:


The linen budget is one of the most important expenses for a hotel or accommodation. Bed linen should be renewed periodically to maintain its quality, hygiene and aesthetics. In addition, it must be adapted to the different seasons of the year, market trends and customer demands.


  • Buy in bulk: if you buy sheets in bulk, you can benefit from discounts and special offers. In addition, you will save on shipping and storage costs. At Vanvino we offer you very competitive prices and free delivery from a certain volume of purchase.


  • Choose quality sheets: although quality sheets may be more expensive than low-quality sheets, they will be more cost-effective in the long run. Quality sheets last longer, wash better, iron less and offer greater comfort to your guests. At Vanvino we guarantee the quality of all our sheets, made of 100% cotton.


  • Take advantage of the low seasons: if you buy sheets in the low seasons, you will be able to find better prices and more variety. In addition, you will be able to anticipate the high seasons and have your stock ready. At Vanvino we inform you about the best times to buy sheets according to the country of origin and the type of product.


  • Follow the market trends: if you want your hotel or accommodation to be fashionable and attract more customers, you must follow the market trends in terms of design, colour and style of the sheets. At Vanvino we advise you on the latest bed linen for the hotel sector and we offer you the most innovative and original products.

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Don't forget to get good advice!


Buying bed linen for your hotel or accommodation is not a decision you should take lightly. It is an important investment that will affect the comfort and satisfaction of your guests, as well as the image and profitability of your business.


That is why it is important to be well advised when buying textiles for a hotel or accommodation. Good advice will allow you to:


  • Choose the most suitable sheets for your hotel or accommodation, according to type, size, colour, material, design and price.


  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of each supplier, depending on the country, quality, variety, service and guarantee.


  • Optimise your textile budget, taking advantage of offers, discounts, free shipping or free returns.


  • Avoid problems or incidents with transport, customs, delivery or after-sales service.


  • Resolve any doubts or queries you may have about textile products for your hotel or accommodation.


At Vanvino we offer you personalised and professional advice on the purchase of textiles for your hotel or accommodation. We have a team of experts in bed linen for the hotel sector, who will help you choose the best sheets for your business.

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